Kusago Farm is also engaged in bearding and rearing sheep bread Merinolandschaf, sheep is German origin. Such animal husbandry has always been a part of our heritage, in the true 'mixed farming' tradition.

Furthermore, this practice enables true sustainable agriculture by making it possible to recycle both crop waste and livestock manure within the farm, reducing our reliance on non-renewable resources and chemical fertilisers. The land is used more efficiently, remaining productive right through the year. Animal manure maintains soil fertility, allowing intense cultivation. While any risk that one or more commodities should fail to reach optimum prices is off-set by our variety of output.

Our Vision

We share a vision held by many farmers, whether they look after twenty hectares, or two thousand. Whether they rear cows, sheep or goats. Grow cereals, vegetables or fruit. To create high quality food, while at the same time working together in mutual support with the local community.
Call it a 'sense of place', 'terroir' or 'provenance', but that local blend of climate, soil type and locality is important to us. It makes us who we are. It makes us unique.

Ewes for sale

Kusago Farm sell Ewes.  By carefully selecting which Ewe's will remain in the herd and which lamb will replace an appropriate ewe. Our herds of Ewes holds the record of the number of lambs per year.

Rams for sale

All the rams on Kusago Farm are of champions origin, from the imports and from our own herd, and they are carefully selected. We sell rams throughout the year.

Lambs for sale

Lamb for sale on Kusago Farm. We make an overview of all lambs in order to offer top quality to our customers. Lambs from our farm are sold for various purposes: for meat production, for herd starts, for pets, Kusago farm offers lambs throughout the year.

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Most of our products are exported to the countries near-by and European Union.



We started with a fruit farm with a strong belief that we can produce the most nutritious fruit.